Let me introduce myself.

I’m Tiaunna. Like the princess and the frog. Never have I ever not had to explain that to someone I’ve just met. And since many of you I’ll be just meeting, HELLO! I love saying hi, hello, aloha. You’ll see after my first couple posts.

I’m wife to P, at least that’s what we’ll be calling him here.

I’m mom to L, Little P, L, and L.


Maybe Big L, Middle L, and Little L? Sure that’s what we’ll go with for now. After all this is only our first time here together.

I’m also mom to Frejya, Salem, and Petrie. A cowardly Staffy, a black cat (who is kind of a turd let me tell you!), and a tiny chihuahua Italian greyhound mix.

We’ll start with P. He’s my main squeeze, my best friend, my pain in the neck. He’s simultaneously my whole world and the bane of my existence. But that’s marriage. Two people making it work. Putting in all that they’ve got the good, the bad, and the 5 am on Monday mornings. We’ve got dreams. Retirement. A barn house. 25 acres with a pond. Self sufficiency. Career military success. Veterinarian. Published author. Homeschooling.

That list seems a bit backwards doesn’t it. How the dreams we’d like the most will have to be accomplished last. I guess we’ll get there eventually. Hopefully.

Right now I’m struggling. I’m nearly through with my first manuscript for my first novel. But do I self publish? Approach a publishing company? Pay for printing myself? Oh the joys of making adult decisions right!? For awhile this will just be a journal of sorts. A testimony of our journey from here to there. The ups and downs and all the mediocre in between.

Now on to my hoodlums. That’s the word for a group of small children didn’t you know? My group specifically are 8, 6, 4, and 3. Little P is our only boy and he’ll be 7 here before too long. Big L (8), Middle L (4), and Little L (3) are our girls. Feisty and beautiful the lot of em! And Little P well he’s extra special. He’s autistic. It comes with very special joys and very different struggles then the ones that came with our girls. But being Little P’s mom makes me feel so blessed. Blessed that the Good Lord gave me the opportunity to be the mother to someone so special and one of a kind.

I feel like this was enough of an introduction. Otherwise I’ll end up sitting here typing up our entire lives, each of my birth experiences, a personality synopsis on each of my hoodlums and my fur babies, and a detailed description of each of our dreams and how we plan to accomplish them. I can’t cram all the blog posts I’ve got in me for now into one big one! So for now au revoir my darlings! May your coffee be strong and your patience be long!